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A Winning Attitude

How is your attitude as a leader? Is your attitude sabotaging your ability to lead effectively? Some leaders have a hard time admitting that they could be the cause of their organization operating below its optimum level of efficiency. As leaders, it is critical that we recall that it’s the leaders who set the tone for the organization. If a leader has a good positive attitude, it will permeate the organization and the overall attitude will be positive. If the leader’s attitude is negative, invariably, the overall attitude within the organization will be negatively affected and could significantly impede the organization’s productivity and growth. Baseball great Wade Boggs says, “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” If your organization could use a boost, here are some ways that you can set the example for those who follow you.

1. Be a pillar of humble confidence.

To bring a change to a struggling organization, leaders must understand that their leadership effectiveness should be strong enough to speak for itself. Leaders should be grounded in their ability to lead so much so that they can walk comfortably in humility without appearing or feeling weak. A leader who exhibits this type of leadership will demonstrate that they are capable as well as confident. It will also warrant the trust of everyone around them.

2. Be a pillar of servanthood.

A leader who embraces the concept of servant-leadership understands that they are a servant first, then a leader. This notion of being a servant to those you lead suggests that the needs of everyone in the leader’s charge are the priority. Leaders who practice this principle often find that their followers become strong, more technically proficient, more confident. Ultimately, they become leaders who also adopt the same leadership style.

3. Be a pillar of enthusiasm.

Leaders’ passion for what they do usually manifests itself through their attitude within the organization. The idea of leaders having a positive attitude is great; however, when that positive attitude is accompanied by an outward display of pure passion for the success of their followers and the overall success of the whole team, it creates a culture of free-flowing communication, growth and empowerment which enhances the entire organization.

If you evaluate your organization and determine that the environment is negative, there is a good chance that you may need to look at your attitude as the leader. The organization is the reflection of leadership. In cases where the culture of an organization is good, the leaders should reinforce what they have done to create that culture by ensuring that everyone in the organization is being groomed to replicate those behaviors. Don’t forget that we first servants to those who follow us, then leaders. Their growth and success relies on our willingness to provide them with everything they need in order to experience them both.

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